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Yukon farm tshakhuma

Yukon Farms Tshakhuma (YFT) is located in the sub-tropical Limpopo Province and forms a core part of our all-year-round vegetable production. Originally wholly owned by The Tshakhuma Trust, The Unlimited Group entered into a long-term partnership as commercial partners with The Tshakhuma Trust in 2010, and we currently rent more than half of The Trust’s farms.


Our aim was to assist in establishing sound management and marketing channels for their products to local and international markets. Central to this management is the training of community members to become farm managers, pack house managers, supervisors and specialist general workers.

Today, YFT is thriving and in addition to farming over 150 hectares of macadamias and avocados, we are continuously growing, packing and exporting our Yukon baby vegetable range from YFT. With over 90 hectares of baby vegetables planted at any one time, this really is an all-year-round operation.

Growing baby vegetables so intensively requires great attention to detail and we currently employ more than 120 members of the Tshakhuma community as part of our baby vegetable operations. With a further 50 community members employed across the farm, it is encouraging to see members of the wider community directly benefitting from our farming activity in Limpopo