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Our Mission

Our highly diversified portfolio means we are now considered an established player within the global fresh produce arena.

We have invested heavily in innovation from day one. For us, this has meant that we have been tracking breeding programmes from all over the globe, across products, categories, seasons and micro-climates. The result has been a great deal of varietal development, with new and niche products now being grown in South African soil, bringing tangible points of difference to retailers globally.

We are dedicated to flavour and with each new variety we plant, our desire is to bring fresh, distinctive flavours to consumers all over the world. Take for instance our favourite pluot, Flavor Fall. We introduced Flavor Fall to South African growers in 2008 and have planted more than 200 hectares to date. Bred for exceptional taste, this exciting pluot consistently reaches brix levels of over 14% and has a wonderful crisp flesh to give a well-rounded eat. We now export Flavor Fall for up to 10 weeks of the year and this extends the South African plum season by 4-6 each year.

We grow, prepare and pack fresh produce across the entire breadth of South Africa: from beautiful candied beetroot grown on the slopes of Table Mountain, to our macadamia nuts which are harvested and cracked in the lush northern province of Limpopo, not forgetting our particularly juicy mandarins grown and packed throughout the Mpumalanga province in the west. We leverage a wide array of micro-climates and have the logistics and infrastructure to facilitate getting these products to market efficiently and with excellence.