Fruits is a South African fruit producer and exporter who specializes in the export of top quality South African Fruit to global markets.

The company combined the 3 historical fruit companies and brands of the Unlimited Group (Fruits Unlimited, Fruition Fruit and Asiafresh) to have 1 single entity that can provide any discerning international importer or retailer with a basket of fruit and related service. As part of the Unlimited Group, Fruits provides an integrated service to their customers around the globe.

The Yukon Group was founded in 1991 and has since become fully vertically integrated. The majority of our specialty vegetables production is done in house at Yukon Farms.

In addition to Yukon's South African range, Yukon has partnerships with top producers in other African countries to complement its own production and offers a truly African range of specialised vegetables in our "Out of Afrika" brand. Yukon International Pty Ltd, the export arm, orchestrates all the complex logistics surrounding the consolidation distribution of our Southern African baby vegetable offering around the world. Yukon Fresh Produce Europe coordinates sales in the UK and on the European continent.

Fruition Fruit was established in 2005 to act as category manager to the leading South African retailer, Woolworths and provide this retailer with year round supply of fruit and vegetables.

To adhere to the strict quality requirements of Woolworths and the new breed of South African consumer, the Unlimited Group invested in people and distribution facilities with state of the art cooling, ripening and pre-packing facilities. Fruition is a level 5 BEE contributor.

The United Nations project that the world population will reach 9.1 -10 Billion by 2050.

This represents a minimum increase of 33% in the global demand for food . In addition to the population growth, rapid urbanization and changing eating habits of an urbanized global population will increase demand for food further. Some analysts believe food demand can double by 2050 - yet only 10% of world agricultural soils remain undeveloped. This scenario points towards great food shortages in coming decades due to mainly a shortage of food production capacity.

Africa represents a vast untapped resource in terms of agricultural production capacity. Yet Africa is perceived as a risky continent by investors. The Arvum Finance Company (a subsidiary of the Unlimited Group) targets the funding of projects in the African agri sector in order to develop unutilized production capacity while managing and reducing risk for investors

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